A.C.E. Your Communication

Alternative titles:

ACE Your Brand and Business

Pitch in 7 seconds

Communicate with impact

A.C.E. It!

The 3 steps to make yourself heard in a crowded and competitive world.

 The one thing that separates a successful expert from another is their communication skills. You too can make an impact, present and pitch your ideas with authority!

In this training package you learn how to grow your brand, gain clients and founders, using your authentic stories as a strategic tool. Clients, partners, and colleagues will be motivated to action and ready to follow your lead!

  • learn how storytelling is a powerful tool for an organisation
  • discover the ways a leaders can make an impact using storytelling
  • start practising the ACE concept to elevate your presentation and brand

The audience will be inspired to find the stories thay nead to communicate with impact!

Workshop suggestions:

    • How to gain valuable contacts at conferences
    • The 7 second story workshop Bestseller!
    • Brand Story Mapping
    • Grow your brand on LinkedIn

All presentations can be customized into keynote addresses and individual and team coaching.

Åsa can deliver programs from 20 minutes to a full-training day – online, hybrid, or on stage. 

You can be confident that she will meet your needs and preferences (not to mention HR criteria!).

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