How do you get started with business storytelling? That is a question I often get.

The easy answer is: If you have a business you are already doing business storytelling!

Woops! Surprised?

Well, the complicated answer will tell you why: Even if many people instinctively think of having a “founding story” or special stories you share about your business, business storytelling is most of all about the story people tell about you – your reputation.
This means that you are constantly creating business stories, stories people tell about you, whenever they experience something about you. The stories shared builds your reputation, which is your social brand.
It also means that you are not in control over your business storytelling, and certainly not your social brand. Because you can not control what people say about you.
Good news, though, is that you can affect the story told about you, in simple but crucial ways:

* Make sure that people get a good impression and over the top service.
* If, by chance, someone is dissatisfied. Do your very best to make them super happy instead.
* Catch and re-share the super happy stories spontaneously tells about you.

These three simple steps are easy to apply. Lucky thing for you is that not everyone is aware of how following them every day, will make your brand grow. But now You know, so you are way ahead of them.

Good luck with growing your brand!

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The author Åsa Rydhard, MACA, holds a master degree in Applied Cultural Analys and is specialised in strategic storytelling. She is an appreciated publicspeaker and executive trainer. You find more information and contact form at