How do you get started with business storytelling?

This is the most crucial question for those who come to me. As you soon will find out, it is also the most crucial question for anyone that wants to ‘make it’ in business.

The easy answer is: If you have a business you are already doing business storytelling!

Woops! Surprised? 😉

You want to know why? Well, here comes the explanation followed by the most crucial strategies anyone that want to become an active business storyteller needs to know:

Normally, when talking about business storytelling, people instinctively will think of having a “founding story” or other special stories you share about your business. For instance, on your website.

Of cause, this is an important part of your storytelling, but business storytelling is so much more! Most of all it’s about the story people tell about you – your reputation – which I call you social brand.

So you are constantly creating ‘business stories’ just through existing and doing your business. Because when people meet you or buy from you, their experience of you turn into those stories people tell about you. And those stories that are shared between people is what builds your reputation, which is your social brand.

This means that you are not in control over your business storytelling, and certainly not your social brand. Because you cannot control what people say about you. It also means that without control, you have  much less chance to get great opportunities and paying clients.

The good news is that there are a few crucial things you can get started with today, to get control over your business storytelling:

* Make sure that people get a good impression and preferably an “over the top” service from you.
* If, by chance, someone is dissatisfied. Do your very best to turn them around and make them super happy instead. (So, they start sharing super happy stories instead)
* Catch and re-share the super happy stories that is spontaneously told about you.

What we want is to stop catastrophes and create miracles, which should be quite crucial and natural for any business or person to strive for and apply!

The biggest benefit, for you, is that doing so will position you ahead of your competitors, because not everyone is aware of these basic strategies. This ignorance is far too common as well as disastrous for any professional, which you can read more about in the article  The big mistake smart people make that stops them from growing their career!

But now YOU know, so you are way ahead of your competition, which will elevate your brand, thus attracting the opportunities and clients you dream about!

Good luck and Rock Your Story!

/Åsa Rydhard – Storydesigner and founder of the Brand – Story Elevator

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The author Åsa Rydhard, MACA, holds a master’s degree in Applied Cultural Analysis and she is a popular, award-winning public speaker specialized in strategic storytelling. and branding. You find more information and contact information at