Exective Training

This on-demand, private training targets professional development, focusing on improving skill sets and ultimately, business results.

It is a series of structured one-on-one meetings, over a timeframe of 3 – 6 months, aimed at completing your project while learning new skills.

The process:

  • Identifying key projects and development areas
  • Setting professional goals
  • Developing an action plan to fulfill the goals
  • Learning new skills while accomplishing goals
  • Evaluation and meta-reflection

What is Accomplished through Executive Training?

It’s more than training. It’s learning by doing! Your trainer is a facilitator, sounding board, and teacher depending on what you need to succeed.

You are learning important leadership skills while you are fulfilling professional goals such as:

  • Successful completion of projects and presentations
  • Taking your leadership to the next level
  • Professional objectives resolution

What areas do we focus on in the training?

Based on my many years as a consultant and leader I have a vast toolbox to offer. All training conversations are confidential, except in the case of real or imminent abuse, harm or unlawful behavior. Your needs and goals determine the path within three focus areas :


Storytelling for leaders

 Communication for Impact
Pitching your ideas
Presentations techniques
Stellar Leadership
Strategic Planning

Personal development tools

Effective goal setting
Strategic planning
Personal branding


Your leadership role and identity
The art of listening
Safe meetings
Conflict resolution
Organizational Culture