Framed Conversations is a series of interviews that explores what it takes to be truly yourself, with all your potential.

Who would you be, if nothing held you back?

Framed #3: Dana Levy Hoffman

 Åsa Rydhard meets Danna Levy Hoffman in a conversation about food, mirrors and why loving yourself always comes first.  

 This episode was recorded using zoom and originally published on YouTube 2018:

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Framed #2: Jessica Enevold Duncan

 A Framed Conversation with Jessica Enevold Duncan, Your creative PT. It’s a conversation about how to find and break your frames, Wonder Women and how to live a kick-ass life.  

 The episode was recorded using zoom. See the video at




Framed #1: Cécile Sebastien Rémy


Åsa Rydhard meets Cécile Bastien Remy, the public speaking Jedi, in a conversation about coming back to life, resilience and choosing who you want to be.  

The recording was originally made in october 2018 and published on YouTube:

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