Keynote Training Packages

Training designed to help Experts Lead!

Are your people struggling to step into leadership roles?

Are they uncomfortable presenting themselves and their business? 

Do they need skills to stand out and be heard in today’s competitive business world? 

The global business world is noisy with information bombarding us, competing for our attention. Having competence, creativity and ambition – delivering the best results – is not enough for being heard and valued.

That’s why high-performing business leaders use the power of story to command leadership, make an impact and create successful presentations!

Inspiring speaker and trainer Åsa Rydhard is known for her interactive, lively and engaging keynotes, customized to fit the special needs of experts. Presentations combine entertaining storytelling with hands-on exercises for immediate application.

Programs include:

Lead From Within

Learn about the leadership style that makes experts thrive so you can create the results you need.

ACE Your Communication

It only takes 3 steps for you as an expert to make an impact with Your message using storytelling.

Stellar Leadership

Learn the Stellar Leaders secrets so that people join forces with you to make your goals a reality!

Åsa Rydhard is brilliant on stage. Her experience and charisma shines through and make everyone feel good. You always learn and laugh at her interactive performances!

Kicki Westerberg

Business Coach