Alternative titles:

Lead from within

Purposeful, Powerful and Proud

Stellar Leadership Secrets

Purposeful, powerful and proud!

The storydriven way to step up as a leader and build the momentum you need.

Businesses and organizations that want to succeed need motivated experts to create outstanding results. 

In this keynote you will learn the leadership style that make experts thrive and engaged in creating the results you need. 

The audience will get insights on:

  •  Understand how stories connect us humans and serve as impactful tools.
  •  Learn how your core story is key to building momentum and how to find it.
  •  Design your strategy for keeping momentum going based on its’ 3 key aspects.
  •  Be inspired to practise stellar leadership to make experts thrive.

The science of storytelling and impact is a strategic tool in many ways for a leader.
Customize your training from a range of alternatives and learn how to use your authentic stories as tools.

Workshop suggestions:

  • Pitch and Present your ideas in a motivating way using authentic storytelling
  • Map out your brand story
  • The Core Story design LAB
  • Stellar Leaders story toolbox

All presentations can be customized into keynote addresses and individual and team coaching.

Åsa can deliver programs from 20 minutes to a full-training day – online, hybrid, or on stage. 

You can be confident that she will meet your needs and preferences (not to mention HR criteria!).

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