“I was attending your workshop in Lund and I really enjoyed it. You were very entertaining, but at the same time you also had a message that you did deliver.” – Henrik Kammann


“Rock Your Story”  the Heart in My Keynotes


The business world is now deeply digital. And with the rise of the “information superhighway” provided by the internet, consumers are bombarded by clamors for attention from competing businesses.

This can make it challenging for anyone to stand out – to capture the spotlight of attention. Creativity, imagination – these are not enough in the fiercely competitive, noisy digital realm of modern enterprise.

But when a business wields a compelling brand story – then, and only then, can it achieve a lasting grip on consumer interest. And that is the power of storytelling. Through strategic, authentic storytelling, you can position yourself with authority in your market.

You can connect with others in a deeply meaningful, human way – forge inseverable bonds with your audience.

This is the core message of my Rock Your Story keynote package.

If you’d like an inspiring speaker at your next event – who knows just how to create bolts of energy and enthusiasm in live audiences – then get in contact with me now.

You’ll get to choose from any of these themes from my Rock Your Story packages:

Story branding

Learn the finess and impact of Brand Story Mapping…

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Storytelling through social media and other digital tools can put your business in the spotlight (even if the industry is crowded with competitors).

How to design stories that sell complicated or knowledge-intensive ideas – giving your prospects a lucid “Aha!” moment, whether they are investors, business partners, or prospects.

Pitch with a 7 Second Story

What does a 7 second pitch do? If you fill those seven…

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A seven seconds story, will make people remember you long after you’ve left the room – and long after they’ve moved on to the next tweet, viral story, or other social media post. A 7 second pitch – wielded in person or online – grabs the attention of your prospect and makes an impact on their thinking, so you can land higher-value clients at every one of your brand’s touchpoints.

Communicate and Lead with the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling builds the organisations culture…

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and preserve it’s history, knowledge & visions.

Business leaders and managers that learn how to choose the right stories to motivate, inspire, and kindle flames of enthusiasm in their personnel – will have a powerful tool to enhance morale and resolving conflicts.

Learning how to understand and use stories is also a successful tool when holding interpersonal conversations.

As event photographer I mostly spend around 15 – 20 minutes at each workshop or address just to get my pictures.

At Åsas workshop I chose to stay the entire session. It was too good to leave!

Laurent Qy

Event Photographer,

Your speech gave our conference a fantastic ending!

I brought with me the energy you gave us and have been thinking the whole weekend on how we could apply your tips within our organisation.

Bernadette Pakucs

Project Coordinator, Westum

I can deliver both a 15-minute inspiring talk and a 90-minute seminar – online as well as pn stage – so you can be confident that I’ll meet your needs and preferences (not to mention HR criteria!).

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