“I was attending your workshop in Lund and I really enjoyed it. You were very entertaining, but at the same time you also had a message that you did deliver.” – Henrik Kammann

Being an expert is not enough in a noisy, competitive, world. To make an impact you also need to know how to present like a pro and move people to action!

Awardwinning speaker and trainer Åsa Rydhard is known for her interactive, hand-tailored keynotes customised to fit experts’ special needs. Step by step she shows her audience how to excel within communication, pitching and social branding through the power of strategic storytelling.

Most appreciated themes:

  • How to gain valuable contacts at conferences
  • Connect and network successfully on LinkedIn
  • Pitch yourself with a 7 second story
  • Bring your research to live using storytelling
  • Presentation techniques for experts
  • How to create a World class pitch deck
  • Handle virtual meetings like a PRO
  • Handling hard conversations and conflicts as a leader
  • Finding momentum at work

All themes can be customised into keynotes, virtual training sessions and individual/team coaching!

The Power of Story makes the core of My Keynotes!


The business world is going global and noisy with lots of information bombarding us, competing for our attention.

This makes it challenging for anyone to stand out and capture the spotlight of attention. Holding competence, creativity, ambition – delivering the best result – is not enough for being heard and valued.

But through wielding a compelling brand story you can achieve a lasting grip on peoples’ interest. And through strategic, authentic storytelling, you can position yourself with authority in your market. Gather followers and lead your team to success.

That is the power of storytelling.

To be able to connect with others in a deeply meaningful, human way – bonding deeply with your audience and move them to action.

This is the mission of my keynote package – to teach experts how they can use the power of story as a strategic tool. And grow into the leaders our world so desperately needs!

Inspiring speaker

As event photographer I mostly spend around 15 – 20 minutes at each workshop or address just to get my pictures.

At Åsas workshop I chose to stay the entire session. It was too good to leave!

Laurent Qy

Event Photographer,

Your speech gave our conference a fantastic ending!

I brought with me the energy you gave us and have been thinking the whole weekend on how we could apply your tips within our organisation.

Bernadette Pakucs

Project Coordinator, Westum

I can deliver anything from a 15-minute inspiring talk to a full-training day – online as well as on stage – so you can be confident that I’ll meet your needs and preferences (not to mention HR criteria!).

I also find pleasure in creating extended experiential workshops, so book a meeting with me now to ask more about that – and how I use this experience to drive measurable success for your event.

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