Topic 3: create sustained collaborations

The science of storytelling and impact is a strategic tool in many ways for leaders who wants to build a sustainable organisation.

Use storytelling to foster sustained collaborations, a thriving organizational culture and manage change.


KEYNOTE: Purposeful, Powerful & Proud

Learn the storydriven path to step up as a leader and build the momentum you need.

  • Understand how stories connect us humans and serve as impactful tools.
  • Learn how to create momentum by activating your core story into your life and business.
  • Design your strategy for keeping momentum going.
  • Find courage to step up as a leader and practise authentic leadership to make your team thrive!!

    Turn your heart-centered mission into your vision.
    Find courage to step up as a leader from within!


    The different trainings focuses different aspects of how to apply the business storytelling formula for specific needs.

    • Define your brand storys’ vision and mission
    • Conflict preventive techniques
    • Gaining important contacts
    • 7 tools for sustained collaborations


    All presentations can be customized into keynote addresses and individual and team coaching. Combine a keynote with a workshop for enhanced results.

    Åsa can deliver programs from 20 minutes to a full-training day – online, hybrid, or on stage. 

    You can be confident that she will meet your needs and preferences (not to mention HR criteria!).