Do you want to be seen and heard? 

Then join the world’s most successful businessleaders and entrepreneurs and learn to use the power of Story.

With the emotive power of story you’ll acquire the most critical communications tool that’s missing from most leaders, executives and entrepreneurs’ skill-sets - whether pitching for new business, embarking on a new direction or climbing the ladder to career success and personal fulfilment. 

A good story will capture peoples interest, even when presenting an idea, service or complicated fact. The best story is when you also make people talk about you. By using storytelling, you will win your audience's heart, make an impact and have fun in the process. That’s when you Rock Your Story!

During my path from IT consultant, to pastor, then to business woman, I learned that a great story can make a huge difference when explaining complicated ideas. Being a compelling storytelling presenter/speaker significantly lifts the energy of your audience - whether one or one thousand!

My fascination with storytelling and communication drove me to complete a Master’s degree in Applied Cultural Analysis at Lund University. Using storytelling as a strategic tool in marketing helps entrepreneurs find their authentic voice and present their complex services and products in a desirable and confident way.

My mission is to help skilled people explain their products or services  in an interesting and attractive way... Because only then you will be seen and heard by those you are here to serve!

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