My story

Åsa Rydhard, MACA

All my life I’ve been in love with the wondrous world of stories and storytelling.

As a child, I always seemed to have my nose buried deep in a book. So deep that it was hard for anyone to dig me out - or get my attention for anything else! That’s what good stories do for us: They fill up our minds, grab and hold our attention - sometimes for hours on end! As an adult I continue to read and, of course, watch movies. But most of all I love finding the core - the heart - in everyone’s own stories.

And we ALL have stories to tell!

 Years ago, after completing a theology degree, I worked for some time as a pastor. I gained a reputation as an entertaining, engaging speaker. In fact I stirred up so much interest I always filled the church to capacity - quite an achievement in Sweden!  When those around me asked how I was able to do this - or wanted advice about how to engage people - my response was simply: “You need to tell’em a dam’ good story!”

Fascination with storytelling and communication inspired me to complete a Masters degree in Applied Cultural Analysis, MACA, at Lund University, Sweden. I then decided to assimilate everything I’d learned plus my previous experience and abilities to become a specialist in the ‘How-to’ business of transforming stories into effective tools for strategic communication.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." ~ Robert McKee, Hollywood film, story & script expert  

Practical and experiential competence in Target Group Based Development underpins the core of my work in developing methods for branding and communication via strategic story analysis and storytelling skills. So for me it was an easy segue from the pulpit to business performance!

As a speaker and consultant I see my role now, as encouraging, inspiring and empowering business leaders and entrepreneurs. Guiding them in the theory and practice of storytelling for strategic, corporate and personal branding – and as a communications tool. Whether on the web or when pitching and presenting complex services/products in an engaging and convincing way,  I want to empower YOU to Rock Your Story!


Said about Åsa

I was attending your workshop in Lund and I really enjoyed it. You were very entertaining but at the same time you also had a message that…

Henrik Kammann, Logistics Associate / Country Responsible at Prysmian & Draka Danmark

If you need a businesspresentation, level up your public speaking skills, or develop a new speech – Åsa is the right choice for you!

Carina Aynsley Entrepreneur at Ajjj La Vjoo

Åsa is a great coach and trainer. She listens, ask the right questions, make you feel safe and give you empowering feedback. Exactly what I need. And we laugh a lot together!

Tomas Eriksson Public speaker at

An inspiring, knowledgeable and effective consultant, Åsa catalyzes clients into action. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Åsa, immediately sees her strength as an expert storyteller, guiding and teaching her clients to communicate strategically. Whether you are a small business owner or represent a large brand, Åsa’s approach focuses you and your team on key themes to deliver a message that attracts attention resulting in increased business and exposure. Åsa has the unique ability to capture an audience in person or digitally and partner either individually or with teams in a truly collaborative and action oriented process.

Amy Sanford Innovative Global Digitization Leader
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