Being an expert is not enough in a noisy, competitive, world.

To take the lead and make an impact you also need to present like a pro and move people to action!

Award winning international trainer and speaker Åsa Rydhard is known for her interactive, hand-tailored trainings customised to fit experts’ special needs. Step by step she shows You how to take the lead through the power of strategic storytelling.

Training Packages:

Activate Your Audience

Learn the storydriven way to step up as a leader and build the momentum you need.

Storify Your Brand

It only takes 3 steps for you as an expert to make an impact using storytelling.

Stellar Leadership

Learn the Stellar Leaders secrets to motivate  peoplet to join forces with you!

Get insights and be inspired to lead using storytelling.

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As event photographer I mostly spend around 15 – 20 minutes at each workshop or address just to get my pictures.

At Åsas workshop I chose to stay the entire session. It was too good to leave!

Laurent Qy

Event Photographer,

Your speech gave our conference a fantastic ending!

I brought with me the energy you gave us and have been thinking the whole weekend on how we could apply your tips within our organisation.

Bernadette Pakucs

Project Coordinator, Westum

Åsa’s training at AstraZeneca was full of energy and food for thought.

She mixes humor with serious discussions and sometimes thought-provoking messages on how we want to grow as leaders.

Malin Toftefors

Communications specialist, AstraZeneca